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With our busy, and often crowded schedules, its often hard to dig into scripture or get new profound biblically infused word into your daily routine...

Are there days you'd like to have a Pentecostal Preacher sit in the front seat of your car, join you on a run, or take a seat in your computer room and offer some advice?

Dear Friend,

If you're like me, you know the frustration of wanting to have new profound messages brought to you straight from the Word of God....

BUT not always having time, energy, and training to hunt through the scripture with the mind of a scholar, to bring out new meaning and new messages that renew, excite, spiritually feed, and inspire you.

I share your commitment and am grateful you've found this page. I'm delighted you're taking only a few short minutes to recognize how easy it is to bring His message to you at your convenience.

100+ Preachers bring the light, love, message and
inspiration of God and help revitalize your walk with Him with *new*
MP3s every Day.

How much easier would life be if there were a room filled with preachers (of 40+ years experience) each eager to help you and teach you at your disposal...

  • Any time you want to hear it
  • Any place you wish to listen
  • Any topic that you choose
  • Any preacher you pick in our list
  • Even If you only want the newest sermons!
Here you'll be able to listen to powerful preaching in your car, in your home, with your personal CD player. You'll even be able to download these onto your IPod.

...OR, just sit back right where you are and click to listen to the messages from your computer.

Enjoy hundreds of messages that are sure to enrich your spiritual experience...

(Hint: Consider these BENEFITS of subscribing today!)

  • Take these messages to work with you.
  • Listen to them in the car.
  • Hear them as you go though your busy day.
  • Give them to a friend to encourage them.
  • Use them to reach out to others.
  • 30 second samples are available of each sermon

These messages will build your faith and help you to become a stronger Christian by "Hearing the Word of the Lord." is a brand new site with *thousands* of Audio Sermons ready to be added.

WE Personally take the time to edit, mix, format, organize, and upload each one, so you don't have to.

We ensure each audio file is cleaned of hisses, pops or noises, and all church messages to leave only the
sermon and nothing more.

Log In each and every day and watch
this resource of encouragement grow.

You'll find them all organized and put together in a clean format where you're easily able to find what you're looking for.

Searching by description, the preacher, the topic, by downloading a sample, the entire file, or streaming it straight off our hyper-fast servers!

Click Here to listen to a Quality Sample. This should give you a wonderful idea of how well the content and sound production is.

But, Jim, I'm not sure how
to use MP3 Files...

...We've taken care of that!

We will show you step by step how to ...

  • Download these messages onto your IPod.
  • Record them to a CD to listen to them in the car or anywhere you can play a CD.
  • Download them to your computer for later listening.
  • Play them right from the site as you work in your office.

Ask yourself...

  • Why is my faith so low right now?
  • Have I seen a miracle in my life lately?
  • When was the last time I had a personal breakthrough?

The scripture tells us... "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God".

Stop searching the Net

for hard to find, Spirit Filled, Audio Preaching.
You have found the mother-load
of Pentecostal Audio Preaching...

"You are going to be blessed over and over again as you listen to one Preacher after another speak the prophetic into your life."

"Being a part of is a worthy investment for your family, ministry and life. There is nothing more powerful than anointed apostolic preaching you hear on this site."

Pastor Jeremy Poling
Christ Tabernacle U.P.C.
Harrisonburg , Va.

“Powerful, awesome, wow I had church sitting at my desk at work.”

Tammi Avis

“You are going to be blessed over and over again as you listen to one Preacher after another speak the prophetic into your life.”

Pastor John Hopkins

"I am writing from the Ivory Coast and I am very happy as you have allowed me to listen to all these wonderful messages. I hope that through this listening I will be able to grow closer to God. Although my language is French, I can listen to them because I have been taught English. Thank you so very much Pastor."

Koffi Venance
Ivory Coast

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Boost your faith with this encouragement building tool.

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Honestly, I'd rather not. I don't want to charge a red cent to those wishing to hear God's word.

However, with the cost of servers & maintenance, professionals who upload and digitize our materials the price can be costly.

We also work with expert search engine specialists and engineers that ensure we reach as many people as possible with the service.

Your small investment is helping keep the convenience here for yourself and others. It allows those with little time to spend more time in His Word.

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Rev. James Smith.

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