The Immediate Future in the Apostolic Power
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Date: 20-07-2008

Comments User: KENJUDYT Date: 08-08-2008

I would like to find Bro Billy Coles preaching on interceding in prayer,or anything that has to do with the gifts of the spirit. Though we are speaking with power now instead of asking God to do it there are ways to do it corectly. I want to learn from these men. It takes more than saying it and claiming it. I would like to have a copy of these before all the elders who endured and have much knowledge on these subjects are gone. We have lost so much in our movement. Please dont take me rude or disrespectful for I do not mean it that way. I ask this for my own personal help. God Bless You. I really Revernce Bro Cole and men like Him. They are sliping from our fingers. They are Giant Pillers in the wisdom and knowledge of God.